JArrayHelper is an array utility class for doing all sorts of odds and ends with arrays.

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Generic Buffer stream handler

This class provides a generic buffer stream. It can be used to store/retrieve/manipulate string buffers with the standard PHP filesystem I/O methods.
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JDate is a class that stores a date and provides logic to manipulate and render that date in a variety of formats.

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JSimpleCrypt is a very simple encryption algorithm for encrypting/decrypting strings

This class allows for simple but smart objects with get and set methods and an internal error handler.
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SimpleXML implementation.

The XML Parser extension (expat) is required to use JSimpleXML. The class provides a pure PHP4 implementation of the PHP5 interface SimpleXML. As with PHP5's SimpleXML it is what it says: simple. Nevertheless, it is an easy way to deal with XML data, especially for read only access. Because it's not possible to use the PHP5 ArrayIterator interface with PHP4 there are some differences between this implementation and that of PHP5: The access to the root node has to be explicit in JSimpleXML, not implicit as with PHP5. Write $xml->document->node instead of $xml->node You cannot access CDATA using array syntax. Use the method data() instead You cannot access attributes directly with array syntax. Use attributes() to read them. Comments are ignored. Last and least, this is not as fast as PHP5 SimpleXML--it is pure PHP4. Example: <code> :simple.xml: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?> <document> <node> <child gender="m">Tom Foo</child> <child gender="f">Tamara Bar</child> <node> </document> --- // read and write a document $xml = new JSimpleXML; $xml->loadFile('simple.xml'); print $xml->document->toString(); // access a given node's CDATA print $xml->root->node->child[0]->data(); // Tom Foo // access attributes $attr = $xml->root->node->child[1]->attributes(); print $attr['gender']; // f // access children foreach($xml->root->node->children() as $child) { print $child->data(); } </code> Note: JSimpleXML cannot be used to access sophisticated XML doctypes using datatype ANY (e.g. XHTML). With a DOM implementation you can handle this.
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SimpleXML Element

This object stores all of the direct children of itself in the $children array. They are also stored by type as arrays. So, if, for example, this tag had 2 <font> tags as children, there would be a class member called $font created as an array. $font[0] would be the first font tag, and $font[1] would be the second. To loop through all of the direct children of this object, the $children member should be used. To loop through all of the direct children of a specific tag for this object, it is probably easier to use the arrays of the specific tag names, as explained above.
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JUtility is a utility functions class

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Wrapper class for php SimpleXMLElement.

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