Joomla! Callback Log class

This class allows logging to be handled by a callback function. This allows unprecedented flexibility in the way logging can be handled.
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Joomla! Database Log class

This class is designed to output logs to a specific database table. Fields in this table are based on the Syslog style of log output. This is designed to allow quick and easy searching.
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Joomla Echo logger class.

This class is used to be the basis of logger classes to allow for defined functions to exist regardless of the child class.
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Joomla! Formatted Text File Log class

This class is designed to use as a base for building formatted text files for output. By default it emulates the Syslog style format output. This is a disk based output format.
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Joomla! Syslog Log class

This class is designed to call the PHP Syslog function call which is then sent to the system wide log system. For Linux/Unix based systems this is the syslog subsystem, for the Windows based implementations this can be found in the Event Log. For Windows, permissions may prevent PHP from properly outputting messages.
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Joomla! W3C Logging class

This class is designed to build log files based on the W3c specification at:
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